The Value:

Let us help you put a new generation on the path to success.

ProtoCall began offering student services in 2005 when we were approached by a university counseling center seeking to expand its reach on campus. It quickly became apparent that our core offerings – telephonic intake assistance, brief stabilization and support, and resource information services – were a great fit with student populations. Our services freed counseling center personnel up for everything from the ability to offer additional sessions to having a staff meeting that everyone could attend, to getting a good night’s sleep.

Demand continues to increase as these programs demonstrate value. We now offer services to more than 95 university counseling programs nationwide covering over 1.5 million students.

ProtoCall’s masters-level counselors provide customized, seamless service with individual call handling procedures for each program.
We can support your brick-and-mortar center’s appointment-setting needs or your efforts to stabilize a struggling student or encourage a worried parent several states away.

Our model of telephonic brief interventions is specifically designed to help your students get what they need in the moment – warmth, respect and empathy, coupled with accurate information gathering and excellent safety assessment and stabilization to help your day staff follow up smoothly.

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